Green Buffalo Steak Ensemble

Experimental music & artist collective. Formation date: May 2024.

Members (will eventually add a separate page for all the members): Jaiden Macintosh, ヰンドZ, Vista Pacifica, Void, ⊤⋿∟⋿∨∧⎳⌱⋿∟⎮st

Bandcamp (partial discography)


014: As I Lay Upon Thy Windowsill

013: Until The Spider's Rest Lay Permanent

012: Minimalism Is Not an Excuse for a Lack of Creativity

011: Hailing to the Flenser, Dead in their Tracks

010: And Let The Spider Rest, For It Is Grieving

009: Dark Matter Matters

008: When Great Souls Die

007: Sonic Boom

006: Words Into a Dream

005: Immeasurably Vast Collection of Atmospheric, Indigestible Brain Spray

004: The Mathematicians Were Right

003: MA

002: Those Who Wish to Sing

001: Mary Juana Had a Little Lamb